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Strut bars

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Hi All,

I have x 3 genuine toyota Corolla front strut bars for the last generation Corolla, t sport editions if I remember correctly but fit all Corolla of that shape if I'm not mistaken! All in amazing condition.

Are they worth anything? Hows best to sell them on?

Any advice much appreciated 

Cheers guys


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Hey Sammy,

Thought they would have been snapped up by now by the modders , but seems not a bite ?

Suppose Gumtree or Ebay if you cannot get rid of them here.

With you saying they are genuine Toyota they were very expensive, but assume it must be a job lot you aquired by some other means ?

Though perhap if you mentioned a price you might get some more interest ?


Think I could use one for doing the odd wheely around the local supermarket car park,  :laugh: but thats about a far as we get these days, even less with the virus?

Had been looking for a C50 gearbox as mine is starting to whine a bit these days, but seem hard on the ground and those that are,  look in very dubious condition.

Just got some goods in to renew the rear brake pipes  as a little too much corrosion for my liking where they join the flexible hoses.

Your  little Aygo still running ok  ?

Trust you and the family are all well .:smile:

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