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Toyota auris sr 2008 petrol problems

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It's gonna be a long one, so bare with me

So few month ago, when i came back home from Christmas holidays (car wasn't driven for around 3 weeks) i noticed that my engine cuts off while i was driving. Usually I could just turn on the ignition key and start again with no problem. Once i happened when i stopped next to the lights and tried to start moving, I stalled, and then couldn't start car again for next 5 minutes (lights were on, no dim when i tried to start it, just making clicking noises when i tried to turn the key)...Left my car at toyota autoservice, explained everything i been seeing, they checked it/ test drove it and haven't found any problems with it...Was driving car with no problems for one month after..

Then i was gone for a few weeks and car was barely driven during this time (only short time during weekends). And now once i back i start noticing the same thing, that my engine cuts off while i driving. Happened few times today in 10minutes window, so paid more attention to what happening:

  • this morning noticed that I need to press acceleration pedal more to drive from the start. Revs/s wasn't big enough with what I was used to, so needed to press gas pedal a bit more
  • while driving, just before cut off, i can already notice that its loosing its power (no acceleration when want to drive faster, car a bit slowing down.
  • then all lights in a panel (except front beam lights symbol) goes off, radio still playing though. Power steering still on, feels like engine is still on as well but when pressing acceleration pedal, no reaction at all..after 5-10s i can see engine light on a dashboard and then i loose power steering and etc...usually i can start car again once i turn on the ignition key..
  • on toyota auris dashboard i have this green arrow which tells me when i should shift gear (up or down)..and this morning before cut off i noticed that it was telling me that i should change gear to lower (even if revs/s was around 3000 and i was driving pretty comfortable)

I will leave car in autoservice again asap, but knowing that they didn't find anything last time, i would like to get some more ideas from you guys. this time i feel i have more information, but would be useful to get some more maybe from you as well...somehow i feel it might be related with fuel pump, would that make any sense?


thanks a lot for any of your answers,


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try checking/charging Battery if not driving it for a while. check alternator that it is charging Battery correctly. my bmw did similar when Battery was going. on it. take Battery out and charge it - fit it to car and see what happens.

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On 10/24/2019 at 10:52 PM, Gerg said:
14 hours ago, ziauris said:

try checking/charging battery if not driving it for a while. check alternator that it is charging battery correctly. my bmw did similar when battery was going. on it. take battery out and charge it - fit it to car and see what happens.

I dont suspect Battery because of a few things:

  • it was only third day once i got back from holidays when i noticed that car started doing it was drove it 2-3 hours per day each day when i got back
  • Battery was changed 3-4 months ago
  • radio, lights working when it happens in the first 5-10 seconds
  • I can usually start it again easily (well might be because car is in a motion, and dont need Battery to start?)


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