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Yaris 1.8 SR exhaust. Help needed

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Help the back box on my Yaris SR 1.8L (2008) has just fallen off, local exhaust companies have no stock. Does anyone know where I might get one of how much a custom would be?

Cheers Gaz.

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1 hour ago, Silver Yaris said:

I faced the same problem with my Mk1 T-Sport so I had a custom one made with a lifetime guarantee for £350

The car will rot away before the exhaust does, a friend had an exhaust done by Piper in Folkestone that must be 15 years ago with no issues

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Our 2003 Yaris D4D has its original exhaust. virtually rust free...

It may outlive me .. Covid -19 permitting...

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I had this problem a year ago. Back box was rotting and a small hole in the centre section after the cat. I purchased a back box from Toyota (£150) and a stainless mid section (fox in Germany). £320 all in, including fitting at local garage. The original exhaust (2 part) had to be cut after the cat/silencer.

I didn't go for a custom exhaust because it would mean having to declare a modification. I'm hoping it last for a couple more years, but I would be careful buying the 1.8 yaris at its current age because a standard exhaust is well over £1200 from Toyota and there's no copy parts available, unless you buy from a custom exhaust outlet. I would be surprised if £350 covers the cat as well.

Had my MOT yesterday and it passed with no advisories. First since having the exhaust work done.

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in your thread i posted a link to euroflo that list the exhaust for the 1.8


ECTY1111TA  front pipe and cat

EXTY6206  rear box

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