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Colin FXD


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I've been having trouble with the immobiliser on my 2001 corolla 1,4 vvt-i. put key in ignition and the immobiliser light would still be flashing, engine will spin over but not fire, and radiator fans would run.  So I fitted a new Battery in both keys. made no difference. Toyota wanted £140 for new key and program it in to ECU.  looked on you tube and there was 2 ways to program the keys. with a paper clip, connect 8 & 13 together in the diagnostic plug, leave with ignition turned on for half a hour.  or a sequence of opening and closing the door turning the door lock key a few times,  anyway neither worked. phoned Toyota and they wanted £80 to plug it in to diagnostic meter. but I managed to borrow one off a friend. showed no error codes. beginning to get desperate now, (sell car or scrap car)  then a friend said  about 10 years ago my Celica had that problem, I replaced the EFI relay in the fuse box and it cured it.  sure enough that is what I did and now it is perfect. Toyota wanted £42 + vat for a Bosch relay. I bought a Bosch one off the internet for £9-50. free postage.  modern wiring is so complicated I would never have associated EFI to immobiliser. 

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