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Hello, have an issue with a 1 litre engine with the exhaust manifold getting very hot as soon as you start the car. I timed it properly,tried changing carburetors,fuel pumps,manifold with no change in the issue. Took maybe it was over fuelling issue ? Maybe a valve stuck open ? 

Any help would be greatly appreciated


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I think it's normal to heat that quick ? Theres also smoke/fumes off the exhaust manifold. After about 30 or 40 seconds you cant even touch the manifold it's that hot 

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It's normal for the exhaust manifold to get hot very quickly.

But, it's not normal for smoke and fumes to come off it.

If there is smoke coming off it there must be Oil getting on to it or maybe it is leaking.

Is it smoke or fumes?


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Definitely seems like fumes. There is new gaskets and the bolts are torqued to spec. Its shouldn't be leaking 

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