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Undefined code 1750

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6 hours ago, Davie R said:

Any of you guys came across this OBI code..

display reads check hand brake system and check vsr system

There should be a letter preceding 1750 such as P1750 also what engine?

P is powertrian

C is chassis

B is body

U is Can communication

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Silly question, but have u actually taken ur wheels off and checked the hand brake system?  Whenever I have had epb and vsc or even abs light come on I have taken the appropriate wheels off and visually checked for anything that doesn't look quite right. Then mostly end up giving the system a quick clean and service to make sure everything is moving as it should, put everything back together and either disconnected the Battery or did a manual reset for the epg system.  When the EPB goes out so does the VSC. When the ABS goes out so does the VSC.

The car is telling u where to look for the fault!  Fancy that! 

Read on and I guarantee that someone will soon suggest the egr valve or 1 or all of the O2/lambda sensors, best bet would be to look where the computer is telling u first.

Good luck, don't panic.  Remember that even a monkey can use a spanner to remove nuts and bolts.  Some garages, even main dealers will start replacing parts (with all the excuses) at ur expense (when it makes no difference) and eventually get it right the exact same way that a monkey might also get it right. 

Check where u are being pointed.  The computer should actually say "ur getting warmer, warmer.  Oops sorry, colder now".

Think about it!  It's not just a hat rack, u know!  Think logically, computer say brakes/vsc problem but u end up somewhere inside the engine removing/cleaning something that has to do with the engine function and exhaust system, where's the logic there?

Keep calm and stay safe

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