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First car, some issues - 2002 E12 Corolla T2 1.4

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Hi guys, so I got my first ever car and I'm enjoying every bit of it. However i have noticed some issues with it and I was hoping if you guys can help me.

Missing fuses within the engine bay - 40amp HEAD MAIN, 50amp A/Pump. Everything electronic still works in the car, do I need to install new fuses?

The exhaust smells like petrol with a check engine light (came on the motorway going home) P0420. The headunit displays 30MPG however when I calculated it myself I got 17MPG (gauge was at half tank, went down to a quater within 50miles). When I rev the engine from 2000-3000 rpm I can feel vibrations within the cabin. Doesnt happen when I'm driving normaily though only stationary

Thank you 

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The code is related to the catalyst system efficency. Maybe the catalytic converter is not doing its job, and that's why you notice the weird smell. The catalytic converter will turn the engine light on as well because it's a main component and the O2 sensors are reporting the anomalies on the ECU.
Try to check the exhaust system and also the o2 sensors. You should also check the engine Oil level after a while, because Oil burning may have caused this.

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Also, try to check if there's an exhaust leak. This may explain the vibrations, the smell and also the check engine light.

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Do not rely on the head units mpg, it can vary by a wide mark;   also  the petrol gauge drops slowly over the top half but then quickly over the last half.

Best way is to fill to the brim, clear the trip meter,  do your miles then top up to the brim again and see how much fuel its used fo the miles done,


Not sure about those fuses /values, cannot find matching ones in the info I have, will have to check the actual fuse box.

Edit - just checked and those fuses are Not fitted in mine either.

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