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Wheel sizes that will fit an IQ 2010 model


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Hi there,

I'm after a set of alloy wheels for my wifes IQ. The tyres on the car are 175/65/R15, so I obviously need 15 inch wheels. This is where I'm getting confused, all of the websites that are offering wheels that will fit are stating J6 or J6.5. I've checked the wheels that are on the car & they're 5J x 15 ET45.

So what size wheels will fit?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.


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I wouldn't go any more than a 16" you can go with a 6 or 6.5, you will need the correct ET (offset) to compensate for the width, if you have tpms you will also need senders

if you are looking at used you need to make sure you have the correct centre bore size




rota makes some nice jdm style wheels - don't forget to tell you insurance too

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Thanks for that. TBH, we're going to stick with the 15 inch wheels, what is confusing is the PCP specifications for the IQ, I didn't even know what PCP was until today 🤣. The wheels that are on now are 5J x 15 ET45, so you're saying that I can go upto J65 maximum & how do I know if the cetre bore is correct?

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PCP or do you mean PCD (Pitch Circle Diameter) what is the distance between the studs eg. 4x100 - 4 studs 100mm apart

The IQ is 4x100, ET45, Centre bore 54.1mm


Most aftermarket alloys have a center bore of 66.6mm and are supplied with spigot rings to suit the application


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Doh, PCD is what I meant, what choices do I have regarding these measuremnets?

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Hi Bob,


here is the spec for the wheels that we are thinking of purchasing fro Mr Tyre,

It doesn't stat the ET number that you said was important?

Measurements: 5.0J x 15 OS 38 mm
Number of holes / Bolt circle:

4/100 mm

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OS - Offset aka ET

Be aware there is a lot of junk on the market,

5.0J there are only a few on the market Dezent and MSW its worth shopping around if you can

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If you do have any issues with insurance at all for fitting different wheels then please feel free to drop me a line.



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