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1989 Hiace has no “check engine light”

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Hi folks, never used a forum before so figuring it out as i go. I have a 1998 hiace powervan & after looking on youtube i found that a paperclip across a couple of pins in the “ODB1“ port would allow me to count the flashes of the “check engine light”  to obtain error codes... well, in my case there is no check engine light. Ive had the clocks out to see if the bulb is dead or missing to discover that there is no provision for one in the first place. Anyone else come across this? 

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How long have you had the vehicle?

Is it a 1989 as per the topic title, or a 1998 as per your profile?

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98 will be obd2 (DLC3) 89, will be early obd1 (DLC1) it may even be pre obd

what engine does it have it could well be an old mechanical injection (if diesel)

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Sorry folks, it a 1998 Hiace powervan NOT an 89. But im pretty sure i know what an ODB2 socket looks like so im guessing this is ODB1. Please correct me if im wrong though & its just something weird that Toyota do. See attached pics.

VIN number: JT121LK2100017912


058 FF13 A01A G55 (Colour:058, Trim:FF13, Axle:A01A, Transmission:G55)

Engine: 2L

Body: 4DV

Production period: 03.1997 - 08.2001




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