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2011 Auris USB/AUX not working - cable required

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Where can i buy the cable to connect USB/AUX adaptor and the audio system.?

I recently bought used 2011 Auris TR. It has USB/AUX adapter in the Auxiliary box. But, audio system did not recognise USB or AUX. When I removed the adaptor, I found that it is not connected to the audio system. there is no cable either. Where can i buy this cable? I tried to search but couldnt find any matching cable. Photo of rear side of USB/AU adaptor attached.

Please help.




Auris USB-AUX.jpg

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Is it a factory radio or an aftermarket one, do you know the model or can you post a pic ?

As for that port pictured a standard usb cable plugs into the usb and the 5 pins are for the aux in - it may have had/still has an aftermarket stereo and was not wired up

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Thank you.

This is a factory radio. number says 13838. I will take a picture add here.

Also, when you say 'standard USB cable' are you saying the usual USB cable available in any shop? If yes, I tried that, it doesnt fit in. If not, possible to help me with a pic from internet?


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I think Varunan is referring to the cable in this picture. The USB/AUX thing in my 2010 Auris HSD wasn't working and I found out the connector wasn't plugged in!

Unfortunately I couldn't find any serial number on the cable - there was some glue residue but no sticker.


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