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yaris verso 2005 clutch

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Good day  to you all.

New member here, glad to find this forum.

Just bought my first ever Toyota and felt in love with the quality the car feels.

Got myself a Toyota Yaris Verso 2005, 1.3 vvti, I know a bit ugly but had been looking for a reliable car with tons of space for my hobbies.

Loving the car so far, just cant get over one thing and that is clutch biting point.

Clutch doesnt feel soggy, hard or doesnt even squeak. Car pulls normally, not noticing any slips. Only thing is mostly in first two gears. I feel it biting very high..almost at the end of the release and especially in first gear im having a troubles to get used to it as it bits completely at the top and that makes the car kinda shaking if im not really carefuland dont release clutch pedal really slowly and carefully. 

Makes me think, Is the clutch plate going? Or needs some adjustment? Or it is just me not beeing used to the car? What are your experience with it? Car had done 160k km, looks and feels like 60k km to me only a gearbox doesnt feel that smooth anymore but doesnt gring, or stick anywhere. 

Will be glad to share experiences as this is my first toyota ever.


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Do a brake fluid change and bleed the clutch (clutch comes from the same reservoir), also drain the gearbox and refill

Are you loosing any fluid ?

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thanks for tips, just checked with mechanic, and bleeded the clutch and no air came out only brake fluid, so seems like its a clutch plate, or any other ideas? Not slipping yet but bites really on the top of clutch.

Thats why I wonder how much does Toyota clutch lasts? Car has 160000 kms or 100000miles

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little update, got new clutch set put in and works great, only thing i noticed now is that there is a strange noise while driving. When the clutch is engaged there is strange noise sounding like crickets, once you push the clutch down, the noise dissapears. So its not an engine thing but clutch bearing or somehting? What could this be? 

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Sounds like possibly the thrust bearing (release bearing) is dry - did the mechanic replace this bearing when he did the clutch plate replacement? Usually it makes sense to replace the thrust bearing when you have the clutch replaced. If the noise was not there before the clutch was replaced, then it cant be coming from the gearbox input shaft bearing, or you'd have heard this before the clutch was done. My advice would be to contact the mechanic and ask about this noise, and if he did indeed replace the thrust bearing.

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Thanks for tip, Stevie. Was thinking the same, that it could be a bearing. Apparently they changed the whole set,but the noise wasnt there before and is barely noticeable noise, might just leave it as it is. Or could I expect some problem you think? 

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