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Just got a 2019 Prius. Love it! Like driving a spaceship. 

cant for the life of me figure out how to change the angle of the HUD. I can go into the menu and find pop up display but can only turn it on and off. 

no doubt it’s really simple but if anyone can help, please do. 

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Not sure what you mean by "angle", but you can move the projected dispaly up and down.  Helpful if you like sitting higher or lower in the car.  The HUD switch is just to the right of the main power buutton to the right of the steering wheel.  There is a small cluster of 4 buttons forming a square, the HUD button is bottom left. Press the button and each time you press the HUD display will change from off-on/speed only/speed and Battery level.  To move the display up or down you use the up-down buttons on the csteering wheel (right hand side). THe brightness of the display can be increased/decreased by using the left-right buttons, If you dont use the buttons for 5 seconds (approx) the movement will switch off and you need to press the HUD button again.  Its on page 50 of my Prius User Guide.

Just noticed you have a PHEV, so might be different to mine which is the standard hybtrid - principle might be the same.


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