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Amplifier install

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I am trying to install active subwoofer under the seat and change front Speakers. I bought this: https://www.focal.com/en/car-audio/car-audio-kits-solutions/integration/plugplay/amplifiers/bass-enclosures/ibus-21

Compact unit with amplifier for front Speakers. It fits under right seat perfectly (drivers seat for uk). Just what i need.

But i spent half of sunday trying to get plus cable from Battery in engine compartment (i have 1.8 hybrid) through the firewall. I couldn`t get it through.

It`s far from my first car audio install and i would like to know if anyone has succeeded in this?

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have a look at the front parking sensors install manual, it usually has a good routing diagrams

LHD i take it.

Pages 23-25

https://www.toyota-tech.eu/aimuploads/1305201f-3283-4e28-8e74-02225c09c235/TPA-Front-CorollaHB,TS_LHD_AIM004 331-4_PW501-02110_06DE4485D.pdf

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Great idea, totally forgot about this. It looks like they use the same grommet that i wanted to use but it is so tight down there.. Now i see that they remove sheet metal under the windscreen, then it looks doable. I will try this and report back.


Thank you.

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