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Hot start issue. Please help!

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Hi all, 

Having a bit of an issue plaguing my otherwise stalwart RAV4. 

My model is the 2004 D4D 2.0L Diesel Manual AWD. 

Runs sweet but doesn't start if the engine is up to temperature. The Battery is new, starter motor new, injectors are fine with only very slight discrepancy on one injector, recently had turbo replaced, all oils/filters/levels and glow plugs are sound.

It'll start from cold absolutely fine, maybe a couple of cranks but never more than 3-4 seconds. Once the engine is up to temp and the engine is turned off, on restarting the engine just turns over and over, shakes the hell out of the car but doesn't spark into life until it's almost completely cold again. 

I've been told so many different causes of this but I'm leaning towards maybe the fuel pump relay. Would really appreciate a little help with this as I'm reluctant to spend any more on things which won't solve the problem. 

Thanks in advance.


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When you say the injectors are fine, have they been removed to check for leaking when the solenoid is closed? ( e.g engine off ) is is becoming a fairly common issue for the ageing injectors to drip fuel into the bore when off and when cold start fine but but be an absolute pig when hot usually spluttering, rattling and shaking the car as the engine eventually manages to combust the excess fuel and fire into life 

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Well I have had this problem with my 2004 D4D avensis many moond ago - diagnostics gave a glow plug fault - it needed new glow plugs but main culprit was the starter motor. I had it replaced under warranty then. It can occasionally play up now after a long hard journey but will eventually kick in. There are lots of posts describing this probably under d4d starter motor. I believe the reason is that they get crudded up after time and then play up when hot


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