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Questions on estema

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I Hi we got our car today  Toyota Estima 2.4 Auto G Edition and love it all ready only had a quick look at everything so wonder if you could help 

noticed the radio has sat nav of course Japan maps can you get uk maps ,also has tv can this be tuned to uk , radio is picked up into the high 90s so get most of stations ,it’s got a microphone presumably for phone will it work , that’s enough just now any advice please  


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To my knowledge the radios need to be replaced as there is no way to change anything on it into English. Most ppl have swapped out the radio for a replacement. I've put a standard double din into mine, not to difficult if your handy with stuff. The new unit has android auto so I have full satnav access, plus hands free calling amongst others things. 

Yes you'll lose some of the functions the Japanese radio may have had, but as they are in Japanese, they are useless to us anyway. Hope this helps.

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Totally different systems I'm afraid...best replaced with a decent double DIN unit.

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Thanks for the reply , looks like we will replace radio , we want to keep rear camera can anyone recommend a unit that they have used successfully please 

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