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Yaris passenger side

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Hi guys

I have a 2004 Yaris and it leaks water on the passenger side. However it hasn’t since we’ve had the nice weather.


Could this be welding or?


thanka in advance

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Lots of possibilities-you need to look with a torch to spot dribble marks and inspect the floor closely. Most likely to be the floor and unless a real hole should be fillable with body filler to seal the leak and underseal over the repair. Another possibility is the air intake for the cabin ventilation-there is a drain undernieth that can get blocked with leaves etc and overflow water into the passeger footwell. The grill in front of the windscreen stops big leaves but fine pollen and leaf fibres can get in and block up. You need to take of a section of the grill, passenger side to get a length of stiff wire to poke out any blockage,ai that is the problem.

All you can do is check the easy things first, good luck with it. Water in the car is horrible with smell, screen condensation apart from the health issues of mould growing and breathing spores in is dangerous to health, particularly at the moment.

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I was going to say the windscreen and its bonding. Is it original or has it been replaced at some point? Water can travel by capillary action from quite a distance 


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