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Help to identify this leak

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I noticed this while under the car.

You can see it is routed from one of the belts if this helps to identify it.

I've looked through a manual I've got, but still can't identify what this component is. It also has hoses running to it.IMG_20200624_142417.thumb.jpg.1a05872b6fd570434d1b4e07b5e8110a.jpg


Any help would be appreciated

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Thanks for your comment

At the time, after fiddling with my suspension, I wondered whether the misalignment could cause such issues with the power steering pump. It may well have been there since purchase, but what are your thoughts on that?

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Looking how wet that pump is, it's past its best, also looking at the colour of the fluid it has had it as well (should be a dark cherry red) if it was mine - drain the system, new pump and flush/change the fluid through a few times

the rack doesn't look horrible clean it up with some degreaser and keep an eye on it

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