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4WD Carina II

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89' Carina II GL Wagon here. I'm currently looking into details on potential engine swaps. I have my heart set on an aluminum V6 of sorts, preferably Jap and staying Toyota is ideal. I know the Carina II came with a 4WD model (https://global.toyota/en/detail/7865697) and was wondering how the transmission (and consequently firewall) was laid out. Is it the same as the other models? It doesn't look like the firewall would facilitate a longitudinal setup in my car. My top pick so far is a VQ35 from Nissan, but if I have to stay FWD there's the 1MZ-FE from Toyota. All this will be after a brake conversion.


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most of the 4x4 systems are transverse engines with the box and transfer case as one (bolted together) eg.. 2L gt4

anything is possible, if you have the time, money and skills, edit. What about a later 2GR


Project Binky, goes into a lot of detail of the gt4 4wd system


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Seems like the only 4WD transverse trans that I can get from Toyota is the RAV4's one, if that would mate to a 1MZ-FE then I just need to work out a back-end.

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It's the Estima motor, that's the sort of thing I'm looking for then. How stupid would it be to only connect the back wheels to the transfer case? Could it handle directing all the power one way? Seems like a funny way to go RWD but it's my kind of thing. If not perhaps there has been made a transverse RWD case? Cheers for the info.

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