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Carbon build up, warranty or not ?

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Hi, dewar Stevenson here, I’m new to the forum, I have an avensis 1.6 active diesel & there is an engine management light on so it took it to the Toyota dealership to get it checked out, it has done 61500 miles, they phoned me back saying it was carbon build up & therefore it wasn’t warranty & are asking for £856, 

can anyone give me some advice on this issue please 

thanks in advance 

Dewar Stevenson 

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Moved to the Avensis club.

With any vehicle manufacturer, the new car warranty covers manufacturing defects. Carbon build up could well be viewed as wear and tear, which wouldn't be covered under the new car warranty.

If you want clarification, e-mail Toyota GB, explain the issue and ask for clarification. Presumably the car has a full service history at the correct intervals - as the engine is a BMW diesel, every 12,500 miles based on the mileage servicing regime due to the high mileage (61K in 2 years).

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Your engine is the 1WW - basically a slightly modified BMW N47 engine.  These are not a great engine to be honest and will coke up like mad if not regularly serviced.  IF your services have been done at the correct mileage intervals then I would push very hard for warranty repair. Get a some written comments from Toyota on the problem and then consider going to Small Claims Court. Judges usually find in claimants favour in cases like this and you have little to lose. A correctly service car should not have this problem at your age/mileage.

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