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Limp mode, No warnings, no errors read

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Good day all. Well not for me. My Avensis t180 went into limp mode. No dash lights, no error codes read, no smoke no weird turbo noises. EGR was clogged couple months ago and I did clean in and ran millers through it and had no problems till now. When EGR was clogged I had lights and the error code for clogged EGR. Anyone got any insights or similar problem/fixes? I'm hoping it's not turbo issue but can't rule it out. Any advice welcome. Thanks. 

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Hi my car 2litre d4d engine my codes come up and I use code reader knock them off these engines need awful dogging and believe me they may be aluminium head but they can take it red line n rev clock no problem hot or cold only way to clean out egr valve is hard driven works every time get that 5th injector to burn up all carbon soot too

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Morning all. Well I went out to have a look at the egr. Popped the bonnet, noticed the intake hose was loose. Anyway I took it off to find this in the turbo pipe leading to impeller. I'm hoping this is the route of my problems but who can say. 


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