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Does anyone know if there are any special tools needed to change the brakes (discs and pads) on a t27 avensis estate? Just got a shock from the dealer on how much they wanted and as ive changed brake pads in the past on my old IQ i figured Id do it myself. I know on the IQ I had to buy a special tool that rotated the caliper piston whilst applying pressure whilst pushing it back into the housing. Im guessing the avensis would be similar? Also has anyone had any experience of using pagid brakes? 

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You will need piston rewind tool and suitable socket set with 18 " breaker bar.You have to remove the calipe r mounting bracket.The two bolts are always tight do not use anything other than a close fitting socket as rounding these bolt heads will cause problems.The rest is straightforward.Make sure you disabled the auto function on the electric parking brake before you start.

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First thing is consult the owners manual to engage service mode if changing the rear brakes! From 2012, the EPB had auto engage, and service mode disables this. Also you need to have left and right handed piston push back tools. I have a kit I got from Ebay, and used it on other cars. If do the fronts no special tools are needed. The fronts don't have the anti rattle spring seen on earlier models or other cars that have it. Very easy to work on, and being that young nothing should be seized.

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