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Reverse cam for TAS500 in Hybrid from 2014

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Hello  Carlos

Selling the TAS 500 ? 

May I asking why ? 

Is it so difficult to install the radio ?

Thanks in advance .



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Does it have any faults in the hidden service menu, is it detecting the reverse signal Was it a straight swap ? sat nav ? what firmware is it running ? What is the part number of the TAS500

It uses a different pin out so the unit will not pick up the LAN, can bus or camera detect signals its the same unit for hybrid and non-hybrid it reads the ecu over can bus for the config, it use

see my post above https://www.toyota-tech.eu/aimuploads/4ad1988e-d731-4be4-89d5-fbcab20c370a/Yaris_TAS500_PW600_0D001_AIM_004_322_3.pdf  

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Hi Fred,

Not at all, I have exchanged the yaris for a 2021 corolla at the toyota dealer and I decided to deliver it with the original radio.

The radio works perfect and the camera is just as the good friend flash said.

the new car has already integrated android auto and Apple carplay as standard.


best regards,



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if you know someone who is interested let me know and we can negotiate. my email is carloseduarneta@gmail.com



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Its all on page 3 of this thread

iirc carlos never got around to fitting the tas500 fully



you need a reverse signal from the reverse light to pin 2 on the 28 pin, the camera input is 2-3 wires

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