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Estima Hybrid Auto G 4WD not driving rear motor

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While driving changed gear from D to S and back to D, afterwards the on board display indicated the rear electric motor only drives the rear wheels for a brief moment when the car moves from a stationary position. The system indicates the rear motor is still charging the drive Battery when decelerating, but does not activate the rear motor at any point while driving.
Both the front and rear motors were being switched on frequently while driving before I decided to use the S gear. This model is permanent 4WD (there is no 4WD switch).
Everything was fine until I decided to use the S gear.
Are there any Toyota mechanics out there who can shed light on this?
We have only had the car 3 months so not a lot of use during lock down - so no experience with the vehicle and I can not find any technical advice online.
Is this a serious fault, a fuse or a relay, or something else?
Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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Thanks Ruslan appreciate the response.

Was convinced by dealer it was permanent 4WD realised its on when wheels slip - was concerned there was serious issue with ECU or drive mechanism

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