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Oxygen sensor bank 1

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Sensor 1 or 2, Toyota sometime refer to sensor 1 bank 1 as an air fuel sensor


edit. looks like it only uses one a/f sensor


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  • Devon Aygo changed the title to Oxygen sensor bank 1

Which 2.2?

2ADFTV 150 BHP Manual transmission

2ADFHV 150 BHP Auto transmission



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ADT271 covers the 2.2 bit but it can still be a 150bhp or 180bhp with manual transmission however they have different exhaust / emissions setups with varying sensor locations

Picture attached assumes you have 150bhp ( more common ) and the A/F sensor is shown ( on 180 its further forwards on the pipe )

Toyota part # 89467-20100 @ £170.64 + vat.



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