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New Aygo, loud AC noise, normal? First time AC car owner!

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Hi everyone!


New Aygo owner here!

I've never had a car with AC before so not sure if noise is normal!


I dont notice it much when driving but when idle or in traffic its louder. You periodically hear the compressor on and off.

Its louder when you stand next to it outside. Is this normal? Its a totally new car (400 miles done) but first time using AC! 

Any help would be great as this is making me super anxious! 


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That sounds like the fan cutting in (when the compressor is engaged) rather than the actual noise of the compressor but it is going to be normal. The behaviour is different on different cars and models and when driving along the fan may not even be needed as there will be sufficient flow over the condenser. Nothing to worry about, it is doing what it should and it will automatically do what is needed to ensure correct operating conditions.



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You can definitely hear it more in an Aygo for some reason? possibly lack of sound insulation? but works fine.

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Thanks everyone! Its put my mind at ease as I wasn't sure if something was wrong.

I really appreciate everyone's response! 

I hope you all have a lovely week (and I hope this thread helps someone in the future)! 🙂


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