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2012 Auris would not start with the normal key

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This morning my car would not start.  When I put the key in and turned, the radio and fan started up as normal, but there seemed no attempt to turn the engine, just a clicking noise, couple of clicks a second or so.

It did not sound like a Battery problem, I have had a weak Battery start before and it at least made a weak attempt to get up and running.

However trying with my other key (which seems to have a flat Battery - due to not unlocking the door) seemed to start it sweet as a nut.

Once home I tried restarting with my normal key again, and it worked fine - obviously with a warm engine and potetially a topped up Battery.

Can you damage the immobiliser function of a key?  



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The 'immobiliser' chip in the key is self contained and totally independent of the keyfob Battery and its related electronics. They can not really be damaged unless you physically break it. They are very small and embedded into the keys plastic case and require no external power such as a Battery. If you do an image search for 'immobiliser chip' you will see many examples.

I would still suspect something very simple before thinking of complex issues... batteries (the one on the car) can do odd things when failing and/or if the connections are not secure. So those would be the first things to check really. 

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As said above, clicking is usually a sign of a tired Battery, could also be the starter. But if the 2nd key starter the car, and the starter motor did not struggle when turning the engine, then it might be the starter itself.

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