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Replacement engine for 1995 1.3 corolla sportif

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Hi everyone,

I need to replace the engine on my 95 1.3 corolla, I expect this will be a big job, but love my car and really don't want to get a new one! 

Can anyone give me advice about finding a replacement engine that fits? Or if I can't find parts available separately, if I bought a second hand 2001 model, would any of those parts be compatible? 

I primarily need the engine replaced as it is making a knocking noise when accelerating, but also need other parts sorting (cam belt, radiator).

I've only done small bits like headlights myself before, nothing to do with under the bonnet, so any advice much appreciated!

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Hi  jessie   ref   corolla  engine....i   have   a  few  corollas   same  year/model   for   parts,   so  i might   have   a   radiator,    will  check.....unfortunately  the  engine  i  have  is  knocking   as  your  engine,    quite  a common   issue   on  the  FE  type   engine,   probably   down  to  previous  owners   not   changing  the oil  when needed,    if  your  engine  is  running  ok  apart  from  the knocking   ie  not   overheating/  using  too much  oil    i  would   ask  around   for  someone  to  drop  the   engine  oil  sump   an check   the   crankshaft/   big end/  main  engine  bearings.....if the  crank  is in good  order   the  engine  bearings   are  not  too  expensive   ie   ebay   £25/40     per   set......a   retired  old  school   mechanic   would  be   ideal    as   they   would  be  used  to  doing  that  work,     again   cambelt  kits  on  ebay   are  £40/50    and  not  difficult   to  fit,     any  questions    email   or    07976474772       rgds     

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Before going to such lengths of replacing the engine, if you can find a good one !   get the car tested by a good mechanic, it could  be more an ignition problem like "pinking" rather than crankshaft or bore problems.  Could even be something physically fouling like a bad engine mount .

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