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Cycle carrier

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Hi All,

 i am looking for a cycle carrier for my 2013, 1.8 Auris Hybrid. There are a few on the market. Does anyone here have any recomendations for/against any particular type? I would normally use the towbar, but i know they are not fitted to this model

Many Thanks


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Hi Dave

I'd be interested in the responses to this question.  I got the roof bars for my Auris Hybrid, and had assumed that I'd be able to "upgrade" to a towbar-based cycle carrier later on.

I knew that the hybrid engine on the Auris wasn't suitable for towing caravans and trailers, but I thought that it would have been ok to use the hook to carry bikes - it can't be that different to carrying weight in the boot.

Toyota's blog on this topic is here: https://blog.toyota.co.uk/toyota-hybrid-towing-questions and at the bottom of this it talks about "a non-towing tow ball" which can be ordered from Toyota (part PW962-02005), though there are alternatives from firms such as Witter.  Other firms are at pains to point out that their parts are strictly for the non-Hybrid engined cars.

There's a clear video on this page of an American firm fitting one to a Scion iM showing how easy it is https://www.etrailer.com/Trailer-Hitch/Curt/C11420.html

Have any other members had success with this, or do they too just use the roof bars?

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You can fit a tow bar and use it for bicycles career as long as you don’t use the car for towing a trailer there is no problems, perhaps dealers might not be happy if any warranty work needed but when you show them there are no lights connectivity installed, just a tow bar they would not mind most likely.   

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