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Buying a 2013 Verso in 2020

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Hello Everybody! 

I'm in a bit of fix. I live in Spain and second hand car prices here are a bit mad (bad). I'm weighing up the idea of buying a 2013 2 Litre Diesel Verso which has...wait for it.... 210K Kms on the clock. I think it works out around 150K miles. It just seems to be that over here you can get a new car for 11/12 thousand euros or if your budget is around 6 thousand (like me) you are stuck with a lot of high mileage vehicles. People tend to use their cars a lot, and for a long time and they stubbornly demand , what I think are unreasonable asking prices. At least that's the way it looks, especially in the MPV market. 

Anyhow, the seller says that it's probably got another fair few years in it yet, if well maintained. I was just wondering if you guys have any experience with or knowledge of very high mileage Verso's. I'm also thinking about a VW Touran, but this model appears to have more mechanical issues than the Verso. Obviously, if this car, with this mileage, cost what it would in the UK market, I wouldn't mind taking a chance on it. But considering the hiked-up prices over here, I need to extra sure that I'm getting a car that can do the extra 100k Kms that I'd expect to get out of it over the next 5/6/7 years. 

Any info massively appreciated!


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Hi Matt,

Sorry to see that you've had no replies. 

That sounds a lot of euros for a 7 year old Verso which has had pretty hard use (20,000+ miles per annum), but I guess that as you say that may be the going rate in Spain, still seems a lot! 

I assume this would be a private sale, and therefore no guarantee or comeback if turns out to be a lemon (probably grow on trees where you are)?

I have owned a couple of diesel Versos over the past 11 years: the first a 2 litre which I kept for 6 years and had no mechanical issues with it at all - but only averaged 12,000 miles pa, so it was just run in at 68,000 miles when I traded it in, acquiring a 1.6 litre which I've now had for 5 1/2 years (again no problems).

I don't have experience of the sort of high mileage you are looking at - but I know that my nephew had a 14 year old example which continued to run without hitch until he decided that living in central London the introduction of the exorbitant emission charge made it uneconomic to keep any longer.

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All you can do is judge on condition/service history...for a well looked after diesel it ain't moon mileage.

BUT..it IS a lot of dosh for the age/mileage and the fact that you want to run it for several years would suggest it needs very careful thought.

I think I'd be happier waiting for a lower milage example if at all possible.

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Thanks for the replies. Appreciated. 


In the end I did what RUToyota suggested and got a lower mileage verso......for almost double the price however (insert cry emoji).

It's a 2013 Comfort Verso with 80,000 Km (49k miles)  . Whilst this still might seem a lot for the money (9500GPB), I feel it should last a while if well looked after. Unfortunately, after  putting the deposit down, a friend, who has got a mate who works in a Toyota garage, got in touch and said that the toyota engines are less problematic than the BMW ones. Oh well. 

He also mentioned the fact that the DPF will have to be looked after. Trying to regenerate it regularly. He wasn't sure on the particulars of the Verso but said that he runs his "Renault" at 2000RPM for 10-15 minutes. This is something that I was not aware having owned a petrol Suzuki Swift for the last decade. I'm just hoping that the newer Verso has been serviced appropriately as it's coming from a dealer and the DPF isn't clogged up. 

I'm probably jumping the gun, and I should imagine that if there are 200,000km diesel Versos out there, this one should be able to do similar km on the clock. I imagine, whilst the BMW engines aren't quite as good as their predecessors, they are still good engines. And , I imagine that the DPF has been looked after and serviced and it'll run smoothly. 

We'll see anyway!


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Another quick question. 


Is the 2013 Verso (with facelift) 2.0 D4D the older Toyota engine or a BMW sourced engine ? From what I've read on here the 1AD-FTV is preferable as the BMW 1.6 has issues. Seems strange that they'd facelift it though and then a year later source an engine from BMW. 

Wiki says the the 1AD-FTV was used in the Verso from 2009-2013 so I should imagine it includes the model I own, despite the fact it's post facelift. 

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