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Touch 2 go, USB issue

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As this is a sat nav issue have posted in general rather than Auris club.

I want to update my maps and following the toolbox instructions, I inserted a fat32 formatted USB stick in the car slot to copy. It was recognised as the option to copy contacts to USB became visible. 

However, on going to system information to get a fingerprint, no `copy to USB` showed. I tried various sequences of engine on/off, auxilliary power on etc. but nothing . Also, although my comp recognises the  usb stick ok , Toolbox can`t see it so I can`t go any further. Any help /ideas please ? 

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Ok, i seem t have muddled my through this one and now want to buy maps. Can you tell me what the difference is between the letters H and L at the end of map file names ?

I have touch2 go  and don`t understand what `high` means

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"High" is for Touch & Go Plus, "Low" is is for the normal Touch & Go system. Check your current software version in System Information to verify which one you need.

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