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Hi I am new to site so please bear with me.

I just got my 3rd  RAV4 in 6 years a 2008  Diesel M 3 there no  spare wheel  Just a  Compressor and some gunk to put in the tyre I want to buy  A space saver wheel to  Carry in the back when I go on long journeys  if anyone can give me any information on which rim to look for  would be much appreciated regards A Val .

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The standard space saver for a RAV 4.3 or 4.4 is a 17'' steel wheel with a 165/80 D17 tyre. I don't believe that Toyota ever provided space saver spares for the 4.3, but they do for the 4.4, and the wheels on a 4.3. and 4.4 are the same in terms of fit. It doesn't make any difference what size wheels your car came with - they all have the same rolling radius. Note that the space saver spare is a "get you home" wheel good for no more than 50 miles and at no more than 50 mph ...

There are plenty available online, although the prices are sometimes silly, and there are perfectly valid alternative sizes that still have more or less the same rolling radius that are fit for purpose as a  "get you home" spare.

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