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2014 Aygo boot light ?

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Ok, my daughter has gone to meet her friends in her Aygo.  They form a circle with all the rear of the cars pointing inwards and all sit in their boots and chat.

Before my daughter left, I told her to make sure the interior light and the inside boot courtesy lights are off.  She has switched the courtesy light inside the car off, but has sent me a photo and the light in the boot is still on and there is no on off switch like most cars !!!

Can this be turned off without popping it out and taking the bulb out ?

I guess I may get a call in a couple of hours with a car with a flat Battery !!


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It doesn't turn off even it you turn off the interior lights, i took the bulb out of mine when i had the boot open  on the yaris


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Thought so, I don't think she is up to popping the housing out and taking the bulb out !!!

She's only doing it for a hour or so, so hopefully no flat Battery call out for me later.

It would have cost pennies for Toyota to include a wee switch !!! I may put one in myself when I totally bored !!

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interior lights don't make the Battery go flat, I've been parked at dog shows all day in the past with doors open in the last two aygos with no issues.

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Just checked and my daughter said the light is now out and the car still starts, so I assume that light in the boot has a time out function !!

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