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2008 aygo making noise while driving

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I’ve got a 2008 1L aygo with about 123k miles - recently it’s seemed to be making a bit more noise than usual when I drive but I’m not sure what could be causing it? It’s not a particularly distinct sound and sounds a lot like the engine does normally just a bit louder - the best way to describe it I think would be a low humming sound? It doesn’t seem to get any worse when accelerating/at higher speeds though

Thanks 🙂

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Hi. would you say its an engine noise or maybe something else? I'm guessing you check your engine Oil frequently? How old are your tyres are they in good condition? Pressures correct? If it gets progressively worse/noisier it could be a wheel bearing thats worn (it will get louder as it wears and makes a noise similar to a worn out washing machine, like a droning sound) really hard to say without more info 😉

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