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Loose drivers door panel.

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The drivers door panel has got loose on my Prius Plug In 2015.

Any tips on how to fix it ?

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I would expect that inset piece in your picture to be an integral part of the bigger door panel, so no clips that you can buy and replace.  If it was made like an Auris door panel, then the fabric-inset-piece is attached by hard plastic pins (that are part of the bigger moulding) that are subsequently melted to form what looks like a rivet head.  Like this Auris panel :-


I think you have broken one of these 'rivets' (arrow) - perhaps by striking that panel hard.  If the door panel is removed (10-15 minutes?), then carefully applying some epoxy resin, or even some hot-melt glue with a gun, should be quite easy, particularly for someone who has removed this type of door panel before.

But, the Prius door could be made differently......

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It will be heat staked together, if you can push it back together then you can use a soldering iron to melt the plastic back together

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Thanks to both Gerg and flash22 for advise.

I use to press that part of the door panel when I change seating position, so I probably pressed to hard.

Will try to guel or melt the plastic with soldring iron.

Guess it's best to try to rempve the door panel and glue/melt from the back side of the panel.

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