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Avensis t22 abs

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Hello everyone. This is my first post here and also my first toyota so im kinda noob  about these toyotas. 

I was wondering if anyone can help me with my problem: ABS light is on the dashboard and I cant figure out why is it burning.  I read the codes from obd by connecting pins 4 and 13.

I counted the flashes and got codes: 34, 38 and 62.

I have searched whole Internet but cant find meanings of these codes?

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I have the codes. 
34 - Rear left wheel signal malfunction.
36 - Open circuit in rear right wheel speed in signal circuit.
62 - Malfunction in ECU.

Any recent work carried out on the hubs, bearing or any other thing related? What's the general condition of of the hubs?

I had an ABS module failure a few years back, on my old Mk1. Did same test and got one off a scrap car. All sorted from failure to fix within a few hours - 


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4 hours ago, Laggis said:

Is there a way to confirm that Modele has gone broken? 

For it was easy because when using the paper clip method on the OBD socket, if the ABS light is always on, that means there is a malfunction on the ECU module. For you the ECU is functioning and providing a codes. You need to check the wiring the wheel sensors to the ABS module.
Here is some of the info I have - 
I will send the procedure is the next post. 


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Here are the rest of the info I have on ABS Check procedures and codes for the Avensis Mk1 T22. They are screenshots of PDF file. 

Hopefully this will help you. Sorry if any page is not in the correct order.


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