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Estima ABS Dash Lights

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First, I'm actually in Japan but I'm just doing a stint with the military so I have communication issues, etc.

Here's my problem.  I bought a used 2005 Estima and about 6 months later, the ABS started grabbing, or grinding, with the pump going crazy. This would only happen when applying light pedal pressure at very slow speed (like stopping at a corner in a residential area), otherwise everything functioned normally. During the purchase discussion, the seller told me all brakes had recently been overhauled, so I thought maybe a sensor got knocked off, or something was forgotten when putting it back together.  I don't have a garage or tools here, so I took it to a Toyota dealer.  They said parts needed to be replaced and the total price would exceed the amount I paid for the vehicle.  So being the good backyard slouch that I am, I pulled the ABS fuse. Brakes worked perfectly and all I had to do was get used to seeing the ABS warning and Brake lamp staying lit on the lower dash panel.  No issues, vehicle works wonderfully.

Now the car needs to be inspected for road re-certification (done by a certified mechanic on the military base), so a couple weeks ago, I reinstalled the fuse; dash lights went out and ABS returned the symptoms above and I took it for inspection.  When I picked it up, the inspector told me I needed to bring the vehicle to a Toyota dealer because the ABS lamp is lit and they're not equipped to service that.  When he brought the vehicle around, he jumped out saying the lamps were now out, so no problem with that. However, he does want to turn the rotors before signing off on certification. So parts were ordered and an installation appointment is scheduled.

On the way home that day, while the fuse was still in, the ABS warning lamp came back on.  This is new.  My first inclination is the fuse has gone bad.  So I stopped by a local parts store to see if I could order a replacement (they're actually a nation-wide company).  They don't keep them in stock, so we did the paperwork and I returned later, only to be told they could not obtain this fuse, that the only way to get one is to go to a Toyota dealer.

Just seems all too convenient.  What I want to do is either obtain a new ABS fuse (to see if that's actually the problem) or figure out how to shut off the lamp on the lower dash panel.

Because, like I said, I recently bought it but to "fix it", Toyota quoted a price higher than what I paid for it.  I won't be able to sell it like this and, all other things considered, it works just fine and I'm not here forever, so I can recycle it when my time here is done.

Any help or advise would be extremely appreciated, especially the location of all the fuse boxes.

Apologies for the long sob story.


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