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Hi guys 

I am wondering if someone would be able to help. I am looking to replace the gearstick head as it is all worn, however I’m having trouble finding any online. I have a 2015 aygo however all the gear heads are for 2014 aygo or below. Will these fit or not? Any suggestions on where to get one would also be fab!

any help would be great, thank you 🙂

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Hi Rachel and welcome to the board. :thumbsup:

Do you mean the gear knob as for your model, the cheapest that I can find on Ebay is this:


The mark two gear knobs are always more expensive that the mark one versions but both are interchangable and a simple screw on fit. There are many "universal" gear knobs on Ebay and Amazon at a lot less money but they sometimes aren't the best quality or fit.  I think the price of a new knob from Toyota is up around the £80 mark, which is a bit eye-watering so keep your eyes peeled on Ebay for a good used one.

I hope that helps.....All the best! :biggrin:

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Toyota do offer an accessory gearknob for 2014> Aygo in a choice of colours:

Part # PW466-0H001-##

Replace ## with 

C0 - Bold black

JF- Cyan splash

BG- Electro Grey

EG- Orange Twist

DC - Red Pop

BH - Silver splash

A0 - White Flash

Priced at £81.53 + vat

Also available:

33504-0H050-P0 - Magenta fizz £129.33 + vat

33504-0H050-B8 - Yellow £129.33 + vat

33504-0H050-P4 - Mandarin pop £129.33 +vat

33504-0H070-B1 Chrome £129.33 + vat




Bold black - Copy.PNG

Cyan - Copy.PNG

Grey - Copy.PNG





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