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Stock 2ZZ maximum power........

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So, I've been wondering what the stock 2ZZ internals can take, and does anyone know of someone that's pushed one to braking point?


Let me know



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It depends on how worn the block/internals are but with fuel and map 200-280 making sure it has the lift bolts and uprated head bolts, build the block, Turbo or SC with a flowed head 380-500

a full uprated gasket set is £190 https://shopbhp.com/collections/2zz-ge?sort_by=

just have a look on the lotus forums, by no means am i knowledgable with the 2zz but have a feel for what things can take

At the end of the day it's what sort of money you want to throw at it £3-4k with get you a built engine with Cosworth pistons and rods

A Cosworth short block will run you £8K with a full engine in the £11-14K http://www.ttlas.com/Cosworth_Toyota2ZZ_0612_5.pdf

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Not bad at all, i'll have a look at those links, as always thanks 😁


Oh, i bought a gasket kit off eBay for 27 quid. bargin

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