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Avensis rear brakes

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I can't give the official guidance, but I have replaced brakes of my earlier 2009 Avensis which has semi auto EPB. I also do brakes on other makes of vehicles, with similar brake setup and also have EPB like a Renault Grand Scenic. Depending on the EPB, those with auto apply will need to enter a service mode, the the parking brake is released. 

Here is a page from the owners manual detailing how cancel auto engage - 

Some mechanics use diagnostic laptops to release the brakes, but since there is a release method as explained above, and most people don't have diagnostics.   

You need brake rewind kit with both left and right handed thread! These are easy to get especially online here in the UK. 829762892_20190215_180331small.thumb.jpg.8a959c5beef352ea87e51bb22487dbfb.jpg
There are a few videos on YouTube showing how replace the brakes.  


When winding back the pistons, make sure the cutouts are in line vertically, so the protrusions on the back of the inner pistons fit within the cutouts. This aids reassembly and prevents uneven wear. 
 wrongly set piston  
This piston on a Vauxhall Corsa VXR has the piston not correctly wound back. The cutouts should be horizontal. The piston need to be turned 45 degrees.

The following photo shows a photo in the correct position :-

1173929709_20190222_155349small.thumb.jpg.0c358e3e7cc5095d6c9a5c331402fd67.jpg The piston is in the correct orientation to the caliper. The Avensis is the same.

The pin on the back of the brake pad. 671845725_20190222_160421small.thumb.jpg.262367ffaf6f71897485907b705eb45d.jpg This is for the Corsa VXR, but the Avensis has a pair, shown in another photo.

The following photos will show the premature wear caused when the piston is in the wring position :-

711294186_20190104_123319small.thumb.jpg.281da103fdd87962638aaa35e6c1ee0c.jpg       20190222_155600_001.thumb.jpg.b59dd1aa3eddd707896981f3ba1a73e8.jpg 

The Corsa was worse than my Avensis, because there is no anti wear like the Avensis! Also the outer pads were hardly worn compared to the inner pads. 
After assembly and everything has been checked. Pump the brake pedal and apply the EPB, holding the switch for a few seconds. Repeat a couple of times. 

Now here is the warning. Do not use any reset mode on any general handheld diagnostic device to 'reset' the EPB, unless it states it will calibrate Avensis parking brakes! It will render the EPB manual only, and there will be cautions and warnings. Codes C1336 G sensor zero point calibration undone and C1346 Zero point calibration of clutch stroke sensor undone. Laptop based diagnostic software like Toyota Techstream has the proper function to 'calibrate' the brakes, but it is not necessary, when most don't have such equipment. Just do the basic and you will be fine. 
My brakes have been fine since I have replaced them. You just need to pay attention to the minor details.


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