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Unintended acceleration 2012 Scion Iq

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I have had 2 accidents within 3 days in my 2012 Scion iQ.  First one came While I Was reversing out of a parking space, then the car accelerated spontaneously and I slammed on the brakes.  As soon as I let off the brakes, it accelerated again till I reversed into a parked car.  Today I was easing forward into a parking space , then the car spontaneously accelerated again.  My car slammed into a concrete pole.  Thank God nobody was hurt in either accident but this is a deadly problem.  Has anyone else ever heard of this problem?

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Toyota Owners Club is based in the UK, so had the Toyota IQ rather than the Scion brand. As far as I'm aware there were no instances here of the IQ being involved in unintended acceleration.

However, back in 2010 there was a worldwide recall of various models, including the IQ, where models fitted with one of two types of accelerator pedal had surplus sideways play taken up by the fitting of a shim. This affected models were manufactured earlier than yours, and when yours was manufactured the issue would have been corrected in production.

The other thing to consider is your driver's mat - be it carpet or rubber -  and whether the mat is moving forwards and thus interfering with the accelerator pedal. Original Scion/Toyota mats are secured to the floor by fixing hooks. Whether you have original Scion/Toyota mats or third party manufactured mats, check to see whether they are properly secured to the floor to prevent forward movement. If not, that could well be the cause of the unintended acceleration.

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I have a 2012 Scion iQ with 160k miles.  I bought it used in February 2020.  I was parked in parking space 07/04/2020, when I put the car in reverse, it accelerated and I slammed into a parked car behind me.  The brakes didn’t work.  07/07/2020 I was inching my car forward into a parking space, then suddenly the car accelerated and the brakes didn’t work again.  My car slammed into a concrete pole.  Luckily nobody was injured in both incidents.  Now my car is totaled, and I researched “sudden unintended acceleration “ problems online to find that this is a known danger.  But there’s no recall or incidents recorded for Scion iQ.  Does anyone have experience with this dangerous problem?  Any help is deeply appreciated.

     The engine light and traction control light came on two weeks ago.  My mechanic repaired my car and said it was a clogged catalytic converter, which he replaced with a new oem part.


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