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My first malfunction warning.

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Had a bit of a surprise parking sensor malfunction warning today. I drove the missus to a hospital appointment and parked up, no problem. When I came out to go home I put the car in Ready mode and when I selected "D" the brakes slammed on and I got a picture of the car on the MFD with a big red bar across the front and a loud continuous bleep, suggesting there was something close, in front of the car. I put it back in "P" and got out to check and make sure there wasn't anything there, there wasn't so I wiped the front sensors, got back in the car and selected "D" again, same thing. I was thinking, how do I get out of this, I had reversed in to the parking space and thought I was stuck not being able to go forward. I thought I would try to drive forward and lo and behold it let me, releasing the brakes, I'm assuming the accelerator over rides the brakes with manual input. As I started driving along the display changed to a picture of the car with the sensors greyed out and a message saying clean the parking sensors (no indication of which ones). I stopped off on the way home for some breakfast and wiped all the other side and back sensors, came back and set off, no message, I thought great, then it came on again, this time as I was driving, so I drove home and was thinking of phoning the dealer. I then went out again a little later and thought, I'll clean the front Badge in case it's something to do with the radar and as I was wiping the Badge I noticed the two black sensors on the front, just under the top grill, which I had forgotten about/not noticed and there was a huge blob of water on one of them which I wiped off, went out and no warnings, problem solved. There was a lot of rain last night and I can only think that the sensor was dry when I first set out and the water had run down off the front when I parked up at the hospital. 👍

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Great result, the black sensors are pretty well disguised.  

I am glad it all worked out and useful to remember in case if it happens to any of us 😀

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