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T-sport 2002 Ph1Oil feed location

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After some advice on Oil feed for forced induction..
Seen people write about feeding (from front of engine bay, under intake manifold with T-mounts to turbo and top part of Oil pan)
Unsure as to what are the exact fittings... BPT, NPT 1/8 or Bpt to Npt adaptors? 
Which should fit perfectly for the Oil pressure sensor hole?
Advice would be much appreciated 🙂


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Feed - using a T off the Oil pressure switch (under the intake) a quick google for the sensor shows it's an 1/8 "gas" thread

Edit. Many manufactures show it a BSPT (BSP Taper)


Drain into the sump -10 AN at the rear

unless you want to go with -6, -8 or -10 lines stick with BSP

Found this site years ago and have used them over the years for fittings, decent quality at a good price http://www.speedograph-richfield.com/html/instrument_accessories.html

lines and race type stuff https://www.merlinmotorsport.co.uk/


There are a lot of pics over on the yarisworld forum tbh its very quiet over on there

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