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Stolen catalytic converter from Auris

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Hi everyone, I'm new to the group.  I'm seeking some advice about additional security for new catalytic converter.

Like so many owners of hybrid cars, but especially Toyata, my catalytic converter was stolen from my Auris, shortly before the covid-19 lockdown began.  Due to this my car has been sitting around with no repair being possible.  The garage has finally contacted me to arrange for my car to be picked up for the part to be ordered and the repair completed.  For extra security I considered fitting the catloc, which is being recommended by Toyota.  But I have read that many victims of this crime have fitted a catloc but it has still been cut off by the thieves and the catalytic converter stolen a second and even third time.  Needless to say, I am really reluctant to have one fitted if it's likely to be stolen again, but there doesn't appear to be much of an alternative, other than the Catclamp that I've read about at http://www.catsafe.org.uk/ .  There are also some you tube videos of people installing the device.  I've tried getting information from various sources about it, including from the RAC, the Police and Toyota themselves, with no success.  From the information about the catclamp on the website it sounds as though it could be more effective than the catloc but I'd just like some more information before going making a decision. 

Has anyone on this forum heard about this product and, more importantly, has anyone fitted it to their vehicle?  If so, I would really appreciate some feedback on this, e.g., it's effectiveness, ease of fitting.  Also Toyota has told me about a tilt sensor they've recently introduced and I also wondered if anyone has had this fitted?  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks


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Hello Sylvia - welcome to Toyota Owners Club.

Any catalytic protection device, as with any security device (alarm, steering wheel lock, etc, etc) will only act as a deterrent, and will not be an ultimate solution to preventing theft of or from the vehicle. A determined thief may overcome a catlock, catclamp or other security device - it will just take them a bit longer.


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