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RAV4 Black smoke, no reaction to accelerator pedal

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I have Toyota RAV4 2010, 100Kw, 2.2 diesel. My problems started by bad alternator, there was red warning indicator, so I turned car off. After that i was not able to start this car again, so I replaced Battery and alternator. Car was not starting again so I replaced SCP sensor. Car starts and immediatelly dies. We diagnosed that ECU and ECM is faulty so we replaced it. Car now starts, holds idle speed and black smoke is coming from exhaust, there is only minimal reaction to accelerator pedal. Sometimes I can hear some knock.

I have not this faults:

P0200: Injector circuit/open
P0093: Fuel system leak detected - large leak
P0088: Fuel rail pressure - too high

I performed injector resistance test - three has 2.3 Ohms and one has 1.5 Ohm.

In attachement I have freeze frame data from Techstream.

Do you have any ideas what I can do now?

Thank you!











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After replacing the ECU the existing injector compensation codes will need to written into the new ECU and then pilot injection learning carried out, have these been done?

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Yes compensation codes has been updated, ECU has been reprogrammed to immo unit and fuel supply pump has been reinicialized. I think there is problem with injector nr. 4 which has 5 mm3/st. 

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