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New to this forum - hi!

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Am new here, and i come looking for answers about DAB and the 59029 radio.

Can't find any topics or chats mentioning it so far - any help would be appreciated.


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Best to detail what queries you have, which may then enable members to respond to specifics.

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Yes, specifics, but didn't want to launch into it and waste anyone's time reading my guff if there was a thread i'd missed about DAB retrofitting or whatever. So here's the guff!
Bought the perfect Rav for us, XA30 2012 with all the things apart from DAB.

I found a firmware thread on rav4world.com a while back and the Toyota website link did allow me to download the firmware update to a memory stick, even though the car won't accept it. I'm just wondering if there was a DAB module that one could buy for the 59029 (86140-0W010) unit that would plug and play?

Basically - i want DAB in my 2012 mk3 RAV! I'll consider aftermarket units if it's not possible to stick with Toyota.
As you can see, this is the unit we have in the thing at the moment. The XA30 did get a radio with DAB on it, so there must be some way to add it on to this unit. How hard can it be?!

Any suggestions welcome!
As you can see, this is the unit we have in the thing at the moment. The XA30 did get a radio with DAB on it, so there must be some way to add it on to this unit. How hard can it be?!
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I added DAB radio to my Rav few month back. Bought this receiver: 


which came with windscreen aerial which I fitted initially. The job itself is really easy, everything just plug and play. Reception with internal aerial was OK but not ideal (noticeable difference compare to work Corsa with factory fitted DAB). Decided to upgrade aerial to an external one and bought this:


It is all in one aerial with DAB, GPS and FM in one unit. Took about an hour to fit, didn't bother about connecting GPS (I have GPS aerial under the dash fitted by the dealer whenI bought the car) and had to replace FM connector. Reception is a lot better (almost as on aformentioned Corsa). Would certainly recommend going for external aerial for better reception.



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Need to add that I powered the unit from additional cigar lighter which I placed under a little cover just on the bottom right from the heater (left side of the driver's footwell). Moved AUX socket from the armrest to the same location and connected the receiver to the 3.5 mm socket. In order to keep USB option I have bought dual USB socket for Toyota on Aliexpress, one USB socket connected to the factory USB (as extension), the other is just 12v power supply.  

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Thanks for that, looks like it works well for you! I'm keen to avoid aftermarket extra stuff on the dash etc, however.

Am i mental for thinking i could add a DAB module to the Toyota unit and have the DAB operable through the touch screen on the 59029 head unit?

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