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weird misfiring

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Hi, I've been having some car troubles today so I turned on my car and it was fine then I drove it forward and it started misfiring and it was idling badly and I had to keep reving it to stop it from cutting out. It was running fine last week I havent done any changes. Also the power steering light comes on. Now the car has electric power steering so there is no pump to replace so I don't know what to do.

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Check the Battery voltage across the terminals (with ignition off)

Anything less than 12.4V suggests Battery is dead or alternator faulty.


If the Battery is  more than 5-6 years old, odds are it's the Battery - especially if car has not been used much. Try putting the Battery on a charger. (borrow if possible)


Garages selling batteries will usually do a check.


But  as above , it could be the alternator



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