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Just bought my Toyota Yaris 2006 and i want to install a rear parking camera.

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As title says, just bought my Toyota Yaris 2006 and i want to install a rear parking camera (the ones you buy from Amazon)

Has anyone done it / any tips?

Your 2006 Yaris should be a model XP9. I did a quick online research and found out that this car obviously was available with a reverse camera as an option. I found this offer from a German website which offers a tailored camera:


(If they sell it in Germany, you probably can also get it in UK.)

The text basically says that this camera module replaces the rear license plate illumination lamp. And it says that you can connect this camera module with every display, satnav system or radio frontent which has an rear view camera input.

I have a Yaris XP11, the model which came after the XP9. My car has a Toyota radio with a big touchscreen, and as soon as I go into reverse, the screen switches to camera mode and displays the image of the rear view camera. This is very nice.

In order to get a similar result, you could buy an aftermarket radio in a 2 DIN form factor - this is twice the height of an ordinary, standard car radio. Today these things usually have a big touchscreen and many nice features, including a rear camera input. Most probably your XP2 is not prepared for a 2 DIN radio, so you need an adapter set

However, if you take 100 Euros for the camera and maybe 250 Euros for the radio, the rear view camera starts to become quite expensive.

Another option would be a reverse camera kit with separate display. I have seen sets which work wireless, so you do not need a signal cable between camera and display. These things are activated as soon as you put in reverse gear, so you probably need to get some current from the reverse light of the car. As soon as the light goes on, the system is switched on.

I have seen several kits for around 100 Euros at Amazon Germany. If I were you, I would look for a system which allows you to setup marker lines in the display. I have found out that it is very hard to estimate distances on such a screen. Therefore my Toyota factory camera displays a set of marker lines which show me exactly how far I am from the nearest obstacle. Actually, I would regard such a system almost worthless without these lines.

I hope this helps a little bit.

Best regards from Bavaria
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