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Hi All,  I have an issue that I can't figure out how to resolve it.

I have a 2005 Avensis D4D 2.0.

There is noise coming from the engine bay when the revs are above 1800 sounds like the car is about to take off. I've tried to see if the problem is the turbo. I have taken the turbo intake pipe off to see if there is any whirling movement in the rotor.  There's no movement in the rotor apart from some axial movement so I can push it in and out slightly but no up and down movement.

Does anybody come across this or have any ideas?  I have a video of the noise. For some reason in the video the noise seems quieter than when actually sat in the car.



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I can't really hear anything but if it's a rattle then I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that the air cleaner box vibrates and sounds terrible.  If it's a high pitched whistle then it's probably drawing air somewhere.

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Will try to get a better recording. While checking the intake pipe noticed the PCV (crank case breather pipe was cracked where the clamp was. Any one know where can I get one of these.  Tried auto part shops who don't stock it.  Ebay have the main intake pipe.  

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I haven't managed to get another video yet.  

On another note does anyone know what the resistance should be of a 2005 2.0. D4d T25 injector? 

I am measuring 1.3 Ohm's on each injector.

Thank You.

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Check the 2 clips that hold the top half of the air filter housing in place - they can get dislodged during a cleaning spree.

I've found they can also be a bit 'fussy' about the filter element being seated correctly as it stops them latching cleanly and gives a bit of induction roar until you realign the element and the clips. 

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