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33k 1.8 auto 1997 - Certificate of Conformity

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I am a newbie on this site - this is my first post.

I'm looking to buy a carina e 1.8 auto hatchback with only 33k miles on the clock! Problem is that it is a UK reg and I am importing it to Ireland - where they can hit you with very high tax up to €1300 depending on CO2 and NOX emissions. If you can't provide details of the emissions they charge you the full whack - €1300. The details are not on reg cert for the vehicle and I need to travel 150 miles to view the car. I have check with the official toyota site and they said get a Certificate of Conformity - however this costs over 100 quid. Would anybody know of how to obtain the nox/co2 emissions for this car spec or have certificate of conformity for the same spec that they could share with me?

Many thanks,


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The CO2 figures that went on the UK V5 were only required from March 2001. For a car introduced in 1992 that went off sale in 1997 there's no official figures available.

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Many thanks Magic boy. I guessed that was the case. If i get the certificate of conformity this should have it (my understanding is that this is different to the v5). I am guessing there must be some official emissions stats out there somewhere as these would have been needed for the euro standard. Carina e was euro level 2. Thanks again 

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