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Safe to drive when hybrid not operational?

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I bought my first Toyota, an Auris 2013, three weeks ago. Last week, the warning lights came on to say the hybrid system was not working. I managed to find a local dealer who said that the Battery filter was blocked, fixed it, and all seemed well. Then, just yesterday, all the warning lights came on again.

The problem is, I am on holiday and have a 750km drive to get home. We are due to leave tomorrow and I cannot get the car looked at before then.

So, is it safe to drive a long journey on the petrol motor? Will it do any damage if I do so?

The car is under guarantee from the dealer, so I'm not too bothered, but I want to know if it is OK to undertake the long drive home.

Many thanks in advance, and if this is a FAQ, apologies, but I did not know what to search ofr.


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I can't answer your question regarding driving on the petrol engine alone, but you should at least check the filter intake area to make sure there's no obstruction. Items like the generator that powers the brakes and steering, plus recharging the 12v Battery need to be working. If your car can drive safely, then you will suffer higher fuel consumption at worst. I hope you have a breakdown service. 

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Hi, if the hybrid system is not operational your car won’t move at all, there is no way you can drive on ice only! You have fault and a reason for that can be something small or big, you need to diagnose the problem before you go otherwise if the problem turns on the big side then you are in trouble and may end up stranded on the motorway. Check if you have cooling fluid for the inverter and make sure that the air vents for hybrid Battery are clear from obstruction. 
Good luck 👍

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